February 9


Wed 09:00Workshop • By AM Kanngieser

Listening for Connections to the World

How we live in the world is always interdependent and situated within environments and place. Listening is a way of feeling into these relations. For this workshop participants will engage a daily listening and writing session, to connect both to where they are and to try to become sensitive to how they relate to their surroundings, and how their surroundings shift and change in relation to them.


Wed 11:00Video • By Camila Marambio

The Power Lies in the Tissue

A video assemblage of documentation from a joint lecture with immunologist Polly Matzinger and Camila Marambio, edited by Katja Aglert and Camila Marambio.


Wed 12:00Sound • By Western Sydney University

Grass Tree Living Burn

Pierces Creek Forest & Living Burn Triptych

This collaboration is centred on an Indigenous led regenerative burn of a grass tree, or xanthorrhoea, in southeast Australia. By connecting with all life and cultures, it foregrounds the importance of Indigenous leadership in healing nature and also healing humanity’s relationships with nature.


Wed 13:00Panel • By Freethinking, Hesitation, Weirdness

Freethinking, Hesitation, Weirdness

A panel on Literature and the Anthropocene

What is the role of literature in the Anthropocene? How can literary history contribute to a reconsideration of our understanding of ecological crisis today? The participants in the Seed Box research project “Freethinking, Hesitation, Weirdness” discuss these questions with invited guests.


Wed 14:45Multi-material • By Curating Time

Temporal Walkshop, Counterclocks, and The lecture

With a base in critical feminist posthumanism Curating Time problematizes the anthropocentric focus in many heritage policies and strategies and probes into the technocratic politicization of the long-term, here explored through digital exhibitions and a lecture.


Wed 16:00Workshop • By Entwined

Entwined: Plants and People, Narratives and Networks

A Plant Story Writing Workshop

How do humans imagine the lives they share with plants? Are plants vegetal others, or do they confront the same kinds of issues that humans do: placement and displacement, illness and recovery, communication, and social networking?


Wed 18:00Keynote • By The Community Garden Keynotes

What Comes After Apocalypse?

A keynote with Camila Marambio and Max Boykoff, moderated by Astrida Neimanis.


Wed 19:30Workshop • By Astrida Neimanis

Reading & Seeding

Session 3:3

Join us, live and online, for a Seed Box themed reading group discussion, facilitated by international reading group propogandist Astrida Neimanis.


FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox