February 8


Tue 09:00Keynote • By The Community Garden Keynotes

Can Science Save Us?

A keynote with Oron Catts and Audrey Samson, moderated by Susan Reid


Tue 11:00Video • By Understanding Negotiations

Envisioning Societal Change

Can transition pathways be smoothed with introduction of cupcakes and chocolate babkas into models

A metaphorical story about the controversies around the use of integrated assessment models for the purpose of envisioning climate transitions, set in a fantasy context.


Tue 15:00Video • By Sex Ecologies

Sex Ecologies

Sex Ecologies – a documentary introducing the arts-driven collaborative environmental humanities project encompassing an exhibition, a publication, and a public programme. The project is founded in a collaboration between Kunsthall Trondheim and The Seed Box.


Tue 15:30Text • By Values of Repair Practices

Values of Repair Practices

Values of Repair Practices presents two papers: The Political Economy of Circular Economies: Lessons from Future Repair Scenario Deliberations in Sweden, and Repair for a Broken Economy: Lessons for Circular Economy from an International Interview Study of Repairers.


Tue 16:00Workshop • By Goldsmiths University of London


a workshop on translation in the environmental humanities

Do the environmental humanities require particular kinds of translation? What are the voices that are missing from the global debate? How can we translate taking different kinds of knowledge and culture into account and by centering theories drawn from intellectual traditions with advanced understanding of both ecological practices and of devastation? This workshop will bring together scholars working on translations from the Global South in the area of the environmental humanities.


Tue 19:30Multi-material • By Astrida Neimanis

Reading & Seeding

Session 2:3

Join us, live and online, for a Seed Box themed reading group discussion, facilitated by international reading group propogandist Astrida Neimanis.


Tue 21:00Multi-material • By Growing up in a Warming World

Cries for climate justice

Images of youth activism

In “Cries for Climate Justice – images of youth activism”, we meet activists in Fridays For Future through their own words and through their own images.


FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox