Fri Feb 11 16:00

Environmental History and the Environmental Humanities:

A Dinner Discussion

By University of Texas at Arlington

A panel conversation and video screening with Stacy Alaimo, Jacqueline Fay, Mark Hersey, Christopher Morris, Ned Schaumberg, and Rajani Sudan. Inspired by the Seed Box festival theme of a Community Garden, we offer a video of a dinner conversation on the Environmental Humanities, from the varying perspectives of scholars of history and of literary and cultural studies.

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Welcome to watch the video documentation of this event here

One evening around a dinner table, six scholars performed a three-hour discussion about the Environmental Humanities. What are the Environmental Humanities, as collective research project and as political activism? Should we tell stories, or should we offer theories? How interdisciplinary should or can we be? How useful are concepts such as Anthropocene, post-human, post-natural? Who is the intended audience of our work? These and other questions, raised and addressed from different disciplinary perspectives provoked an informed and spirited debate that cut to the heart of the mission of the Seed Box Collaboratory. The 30-minute (approximately) video that captured the conversation, which is to be screened as part of the Community Garden festival, is intended to keep the discussion going, and to bring the rest of the Seed Box participants into it.

Estimated running time: 90 min + 15 min for Good byes



FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox