Our Story

Our Story is a project concerned with studies of sustainability storytelling through interactive theatre with children.

It has a particular emphasis on the role of narratives for sustainability transformations. Within the framework of Our Story, Esmeralda and the Dragon is a performance and a book for children, and on children´s terms addresses issues of sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and the UN Global Goals.


Therese Asplund is a researcher at The Department of Thematic Studies – Environmental Change and the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research.

Annika Lykta is an actress, musician, and author at Långsjö Teater. Within the framework of Seed Box, Annika has reworked and performed the interactive theatre play “Esmeralda and the Dragon” for and with young children. In addition, she has authored the book “Esmeralda and the Dragon – the tale of the Twin City”




FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox