Growing up in a Warming World

The project Growing up in a Warming World contributes to the Community Garden of Seedbox by presenting documentation from an art exhibit at The Museum of Work, during Norrköping Lights Festival.

The video artwork is compiled of images by five climate justice activists from Afghanistan, Peru, Philippines, Sweden, and Uganda, and it is titled “Cries for Climate Justice”. Credits should go to “The Museum of Work, Norrköping, and Linköping University”. Furthermore, the project contributes with academic papers:

1. “Child Figurations in Youth Climate Justice Activism: The Visual Rhetoric of Fridays for Future on Instagram” (in press)

2. “The Political Aesthetics of Youth Climate Justice Activism: Fridays for Future’s Digital Communication” (to be submitted)

3. “Unga klimataktivisters aktörskap på COP26” (invited lecture, Södertörn University).

4. “Temporal Tropes in the Rhetoric of Youth Climate Activism.”

5. ”Retorisk agens över gränser: Den politiska estetiken i ungdomsrörelsen för klimaträttvisa.”

6. ”Att växa upp i en varmare värld: den affektiva retoriken i ungdomsrörelsen för klimaträttvisa.”

The researchers involved in the Growing up in a Warming World offer cross-disciplinary expertise in the fields of child studies, climate politics, and rhetoric. They are interested in the political aesthetics of young climate activists because of how their forms of expression restructure the field of climate politics. We are also part of the Formas project “Youth representation in Global Politics: Climate, Migration and Health Governance Compared”.

Participants in the project are Seed Box Postdoc researcher Frida Buhre (LiU), and affiliated researchers Eva Lövbrand (LiU) and Jonathan Josfesson (LiU)

The project has also invited several collaborators:

  • Ahmad Valy Niazi, Afghanistan

  • Hilda Nakabuye, Uganda

  • Linna Gadde, Sverige

  • Luis Javier Maguiña, Peru

  • Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Filippinerna



FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox